Mattress Sale UK - Quality mattresses promote deeper, more refreshing sleep by giving your body better support, that's why its very important to choose the right mattress. Our shopping guide will help you to make the best decision to buy mattress for you and your partner. Our website lists the most popular mattress brands and types available in the whole UK.

Not sleeping on the right mattress can cause constant tiredness, body soreness and even body pains. Therefore, it is essential for you to choose the right mattress for your body weight and body type. In our article, we would like to help you with this decision by representing the main mattress types, their pros and cons with the tips on how to choose your mattress. Explore the most popular mattress types with pros and cons:

Innerspring mattresses: The built in springs are responsible to make the sleeping experience cozier. The inner springs or coils are surrounded with think padding in most cases not to let the mattress disfigure early. In the newer types, they use horsehair which is said to be the best in mattresses.

Open sprung mattresses: A a wire is connecting the springs to keep them in place and come with a firmer edge.
Pros: The mattress is light and can easily be turned around. This is also a cheap sort of mattress, which is Ideal for kids. This is the cheapest sort of mattress available on the market.
Cons: Because of the wires, the mattress is less responsive to the body movements.

Pocket sprung mattresses: These include 10 times as many springs inside with each in separate pockets, making the spring experience much more luxurious.
Pros: This system is much more responsive to body movements and gives more support. Ideal for two people.
Cons: These are too heavy and cannot be moved easily. The lamb's wool filling is not good for those with allergy. These mattresses are very expensive.

Sprung memory foam mattress: a new invention just recently out in stores is a pocket sprung mattress with a memory foam layer.
Pros: this type encompasses the advantages of pocket sprung mattress and adds an extra support of the memory foam too. No turning needed.
Cons: for its sing-in qualities it's really not recommended for babies, children or for the elderly including anyone with back problems.

Memory foam mattress: e.g. Tempur, And So To Bed from around 500 GBP
Memory foam encompasses millions of special viscoelastic cells and these cells are responsible for keeping the body temperature and also respond to weight.
Pros: the material moulds to your body, which will take pressure off from joints. The foam is totally antiallergenic, which means it's great for those who suffer from any allergy.
Cons: overheating, sweating can often get generated when using memory foam, the molding to body shape may not let you take different positions very easily.

Latex mattress: Abaca Organic, Dreams Co., Factory Bed from approx. 600 GBP
This new generation mattress encompasses natural all-white latex, which is in close relation with rubber. Latex is turned to foam called polymer and created in form of an extra cosy mattress.
Pros: it is much more breathable than memory foam so you won't overheat. The material is also extra durable and it is firmer than memory foam sort of mattresses. It is hypoallergenic.
Cons: As its firmer it can prove uncomfortable for many and can also make moving more difficult.